photo by: Cieara Ruess Photography

photo by: Cieara Ruess Photography

                           About Jenny

If you would have asked when I was younger what I wanted to be when I grew up, photographer would not have been the answer. However, I have always loved photography. I loved capturing pictures and waiting to get them developed. I love every aspect of being a photographer. I have met so many amazing clients who are now friends. I love that I get to be apart of some of the most amazing moments of their lives. I was hooked my first wedding, getting be behind the scenes, spending initimate moments with couples on their special day, and getting to retell their love story through pictures.

I have 4 children of my own & 3 step children...yup that is 7 kiddos all together in and out of our home through out the months. If you are tapped into my social media I am sure you have seen them a time or two, after all they are the easiest thing to practice camera skills on. As well as our three pups Jax, Rue, and Diesel the newest addition. This year, 2017, I get to marry by best friend, Mike, who I am sure if you stick around long enough, you will get a glimpse of him as well. I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with my love and best friend.

Family & friendship is huge to me and capturing those moments are even bigger. The moment kindergarten is over, or they lost their first baby tooth, when your best friend gets engaged, finding out you are expecting, your wedding day, that time your baby still used a binky, or when they were still small enough to be held and cuddled. Your 7th year of marriage to your best friend, or that time you bought your first house...All of these moments are what I love to capture, raw pure moments straight from the heart. Moments that seem so strong when in the present, but can easily be forgotten as new exciting things come along. One of my favorite quotes that is not only tattooed on my arm, but constantly in my head when I think of my business,

"This too shall pass.." SO CAPTURE IT!