St. Charles Family Photographer/St. Louis Family Photographer/Happy Halloween

This year for Halloween the costumes where so good, I hooked up my camera to get some shots. Halloween is my favorite. I love the colors of Halloween and fall. The reds, purples, blacks, and oranges, together they are all just so pretty. 

My husband help make his oldest costume an Elvin Warrior. He made the bow and the outfit accessories with the pants. My love is one creative man! I had a lot of fun last minute making Parker's because he left his at his Dad's. I also did his make-up! Parker really got into being a zombie, but immediately washed his face when we got home HAHAHAHA. 

My Facebook feed is always the best on Halloween. My friends are so creative. I even got to head Parker's classroom party this year. Each year the kids get to parade around the school in their costume! I LOVE IT!! This year my favorite has to be the 5th grader that came as Donald Trump. Kids are hilarious. 

So here's a fun blog of my family life because it's been a minute since I reminded myself why I really do this job.