St. Louis Engagement Photographer/Engagment Photographer Jheart Photography/Caitlin & Chris

WOW! Caitlin and Chris are some of the sweetest clients I have ever worked with. So excited for their engagement! They did a spectacular job despite the rain and impending down pour we were working around. Tower Grove Park in St. Louis is one of my favorite places to shoot engagements and it was perfect for these guys. Caitlin said that she adores Chris's smile and the only thing she really wanted was to get a good laugh out of Chris...I think we nailed it! Their love and laughter had me walking away with a smile and a full heart.

I am looking forward to hearing more about their wedding day as they start to plan it, they are currently working on purchases their first home so a wedding will be coming after. After spending time with these two I also can not wait to meet their little girl. I hope she has just as contagious of a smile as these too. 


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