St. Charles Photographer/Family Photographer/Vacation & Packing....

In a few days my husband and I....twomonths into marriage, will embark on our first family of 9 vacation road trip. We will be leaving St. Charles to head out to Hilton Head Island....To Say we are excited is a gross understatement. The kids are over the moon ready to be at the beach! Even Rue is excited to go! Gabby didn't have much by way of a vacation face I asked her of 14 yr olds.

The reason for this THE PACKING...omg...9 people for 9 days....I really hope that everyone else's packing skills look like this because my living room has been TAKEN OVER!!! It just seems to keep growing too! The laundry prep alone is enough to make me say FORGET IT! It is even worse when you realize some of your kids don't even have enough underwear to be gone that long. WHERE DID ALL THE UNDERWEAR GO? My guess is with the mismatched socks.

We will spend roughly 13 hours in a rented 15 passenger van together....twice...thinking I am crazy yet??? HAHAHA

I can't wait to get this adventure started, I am sure there will be plenty more pictures of this crazy trip to come. But for now I just needed to document the ridiculousness that is packing for is when I wish I had a magic wand!