St. Charles Photographer/St. Charles Family Photographer/Austen turns 4

The last time I photographed Miss Austen was when she turned 1. This time I got to go to a new park, Castelwood State Park, which is a beautiful place for pictures! This beautiful girl has grown so much! Not only in height but in complete personality. She did NOT miss a beat when I asked her to pose, smile, put hands on hips, and show me some sass. Dad may not be aware, but I think...he is wrapped around that teeny tiny little finger! The next big promotion is coming for Austen though as she is going to be a big sister! Mom is a beautiful pregnant mama and my heart is so happy for their growing family. From what I hear, Miss Austen sings to the baby in Mom's tummy overnight Blackbird by Paul McCartney. How unbelievably heart melting is THAT!

I am so excited to see the Cormier family grow and to see how much Miss Austen loves that baby sister or brother. Congrats Cormier family!