St. Charles Photographer/St Charles Family Photographer/Eagan Family

Jessie and I were best friends in middle school in Hazelwood and have both ventured out to St. Charles. I would say we learned a lot those years, at least I know I did. Middle school seemed to be the weird age of boys, clothes, hair, and really finding yourself.

Jessie now has two adorable redhead boys named Seamus and Ewan.  Ewan got nicknamed by big brother as if you ask him what his name is...he will tell you Boomer! I love it. Seamus is a budding soccer stud who has made Mom & Dad so proud. Actually, he busted out his soccer ball while Jessie and I chatted after the session. It is really great when kids find passion in something at an early age. Meanwhile Boomer kicked his blow up Ninja Turtle for the cuteness win! 

This job has blessed me so much, especially in this moment to see Jessie and how good life has been to her. Another amazing session at Quail Ridge park in St. Charles. Thank you so much for asking me to capture these for you.