Cuivre River State Park

St. Charles Photographer/St Charles Wedding Photographer/ Danielle Devin Maternity Film

Since I am new to the film world, I haven't started including them in the original shoots blog. I wait, so that I can really share the film part. These few shots have my heart....The color , the lighting, the grain...all of it. I love them. I am excited to print so of these to have on hand to show clients. St. Charles really does not have a lot of film photographers so I am really excited to start adding this to the Jheart Photography creatives. 

Again as I photographer I am blessed to have Devin & Danielle has clients, and I really can not wait to meet their little boy! Curve River State Park in St. Charles/Troy was a perfect spot for sunset. I'm so glad the rain ruined our first location! Sometimes Mother Nature knows what she is doing for us photographers. 

St. Charles Photographer/St. Charles Maternity Photographer/Waiting for Baby Sawyer

Danielle & Devon have asked me to capture so many amazing moments of their life. I have been their for their engagement, their wedding, their one year anniversary, and when they welcomed their new puppy. But I would have to say, watching them prepare to become parents has by far been my favorite moment with them. Devon's love for Danielle has completely evolved, that only happens when one watches their wife become a mother. Danielle is absolutely stunning rocking that baby bump. Along with all of their close family and friends, I am so very excited to meet the newest addition to the Sawyer house. And learn his name...currently he has been called "the bump" & Devonte, but this is just "fake news".

This beautiful creek at Cuivre River State park was the perfect spot to have Danielle and Devon capture this special moment....