Hilton Head Island

St. Charles Photographer/Hilton Head Island Family Vacation 2017

It has taken me entirely too long to blog this, but here it is finally......

Wow. Our first family vacation as a family of 9. That's a lot to take in. First and foremost though...we survived. We actually did it & survived, plus we had an amazing time. We wave jumped, we shopped, we ate seafood, and we laid by the pool. All for which makes for an amazing vacation. 

I did blog our visit to the Coastal Discovery museum...check it out HERE!

My family owns a beautiful home on the coast of Hilton Head Island and they are amazing enough to offer it out to us for a whole week to stay. Of course as soon as we reached the house we took a walk on the beach...after the crazy storm had passed. Beach storms can be intense and in a matter of minutes!

The second day we enjoyed a beautiful dolphin cruise where we not only saw many dolphins but BABY DOLPHINS! Everything is better in baby form. The girls as you can see wore out easy and got a litttttle hot. So naturally they melted on the boat. The Island Explorer on the Hilton Head salt marsh was a wonderful experience that I encourage anyone who visits the island.

One evening for dinner we ate at a delicious seafood place called The Crazy Crab, which on some evenings they have a lady come and do crab racing! Another than that they also have a TON of homeless cats that come to eat your crab left overs! We only got to see one, but from what I was told there is usually a lot more that hang out around there. The older kids decided to try crab for the first time! Some enjoyed it but Parker was not a fan. Across from the restaurant in the parking lot there was a place with the funniest statues that Gabby decided we needed to do a photo shoot with. You can tell she is my child!

On Wednesday before we left we spent the evening shopping at Coligny Plaza. The kids got to spend their spending money on gifts to bring back home and for Hunter's birthday that we celebrated the 3 older boys (including my husband) got skim boards to try out on the water! Hunter was a natural! He did so good. Parker is more of a perfectionist so it was harder for him to grasp the concept and to give it time. But watching my husband work with him and be patient with him really reminded me of why I love him. My kids are so lucky to have an amazing father as a Step-Dad. 

Hilton Head was an amazing spot for our first family vacation. We really enjoyed our time together and the adventures. I can't wait to book next summers adventure on the beach and adding new excursion to the list. I am seriously DYING to go shark fishing! 

St Charles Photographer/Coastal Discovery Museum Hilton Head Island

On Friday of our vacation in Hilton Head Island we visited the Coastal Discovery Museum. As luck would have it on those days a gentleman by the name of Joe Maffa of Critter Management comes and has a had full of animals that you can hold and see up close! I personally enjoyed the gators very much, but no way was I going to hold the tiny boa constrictor or the chicken on my shoulders. My kids are much braver than I am for sure!

It was a great addition to our trip outside of the extremely hot temp that caused us to leave right after we got to hang out with the animals!

St. Charles Photographer/Family Photographer/Vacation & Packing....

In a few days my husband and I....twomonths into marriage, will embark on our first family of 9 vacation road trip. We will be leaving St. Charles to head out to Hilton Head Island....To Say we are excited is a gross understatement. The kids are over the moon ready to be at the beach! Even Rue is excited to go! Gabby didn't have much by way of a vacation face I asked her for...joy of 14 yr olds.

The reason for this blog...is THE PACKING...omg...9 people for 9 days....I really hope that everyone else's packing skills look like this because my living room has been TAKEN OVER!!! It just seems to keep growing too! The laundry prep alone is enough to make me say FORGET IT! It is even worse when you realize some of your kids don't even have enough underwear to be gone that long. WHERE DID ALL THE UNDERWEAR GO? My guess is with the mismatched socks.

We will spend roughly 13 hours in a rented 15 passenger van together....twice...thinking I am crazy yet??? HAHAHA

I can't wait to get this adventure started, I am sure there will be plenty more pictures of this crazy trip to come. But for now I just needed to document the ridiculousness that is packing for vacation....now is when I wish I had a magic wand!