St. Charles Photographer/St. Louis Photographer/Jessica & "Bean"

I almost couldn't contain my excitement when Jessica messaged me with her Mommy & Me session idea. How can you NOT love Tutu's & Heels & Cowgirl boots?? 

Jessica is an amazing Mama. She is rocking is single Mama life with a beautiful little girl whom she nicknamed "Bean"! (I love the nickname!)  The joy from the session really filled my heart with so much happiness. I love when clients come up with amazing ideas that bring their personality to the shoot!

St. Charles Newborn Photographer/Newborn Photographer/Jameson Patrick

Erika & Mac finally got to meet handsome Mr. Jameson Patrick after waiting a few days past due. I believe he has been nicknamed "Buck" by family and it is perfection with his adorable nursery. Austen is so proud to be a big sister that she did a sweet dance for me! We also got to hang out in her room and look at all her toys. Where when I asked if I could move it, she said, "You should just stick to your house." HAHAHAHA I love kids.  While shooting Austen cuddling her brand new baby brother with so much love, admiration, innocence and protection my gushy heart melted. It's going to be such a blessing to watch these two grow into best friends over the next year. 

Congrats Cormier family. He is perfect & I just adore your amazing family. 

St. Charles Newborn Photographer/St. Charles Photographer/Lorelei

Lindsey & Dan never share the name of the baby, unless you are their photographer & then you get to know secrets! When they told me the newest addition to their family was named Lorelei, I immediately fell in love and then after meeting her fell in love all over again. Loralei was calm, sleepy, and wanted nothing but snuggles! She is so precious, that even big sister is over the moon for her and of course her two guard dogs.

Congratulations Remiger Family! Looking forward to watching both these girls grow in the next year. #jhpfamily

St. Charles Photographer/St. Charles Family Photographer/Cherish & Steve 1 year

Cherish is my "best good friend"...said in my best Forest Gump voice. She is the kindest most genuine person I know. I don't think words can express how beautiful it is to see her happy in love. Bonus points because Steve is so good to her and an amazing man. I was beyond excited to shoot these. We even had an adorable doggie crash the party! 

St. Charles Wedding Photographer/St. Charles Photographer/Hailey & Joe Engaged

I had such a good time with these two. Hailey and Joe have been together for 4 years and are getting ready to experience what the Navy military life has in store. Hopefully he will be done with basic in time for the April wedding! Joe is a more quiet person so I was nervous at first, but then as soon as he started to interact with Hailey, he loosened up and they connect so good. I do believe that Joe's quiet jokes is what keeps Hailey around. Joe is a volunteer firefighter for Dupo IL and when Hailey said she wanted some pictures with the fire trucks I was ready! I love that they added a special touch to their session.

Hailey & Joe's April Wedding is going to be an awesome start to the Jheart 2018 wedding season. Both of them are so sweet that it does not surprise me that they found each other and fell in love. 

St. Charles Photographer/St. Charles Family Photographer/Kayla Family

Kayla has been in front of my lens a few times and her family never disappoints. This time I got to meet her side of the family and they are just as much fun as Kayla. I loved that they really wanted fun shots and weren't afraid to be goofy! Grandma is the greatest. When I get older I aspire to be this kind of Grandma. She had me laughing the whole time. Now I see where Kayla gets it!

St. Charles riverfront is always a beautiful spot to take pictures. It was a great setting for the start of fall! The leaves really are starting to change and it makes me ready to break out boots, pumpkins, and flannel! 

These pictures should really make you smile!

St. Charles Photographer/St. Charles Family Photographer/Austen turns 4

The last time I photographed Miss Austen was when she turned 1. This time I got to go to a new park, Castelwood State Park, which is a beautiful place for pictures! This beautiful girl has grown so much! Not only in height but in complete personality. She did NOT miss a beat when I asked her to pose, smile, put hands on hips, and show me some sass. Dad may not be aware, but I think...he is wrapped around that teeny tiny little finger! The next big promotion is coming for Austen though as she is going to be a big sister! Mom is a beautiful pregnant mama and my heart is so happy for their growing family. From what I hear, Miss Austen sings to the baby in Mom's tummy overnight Blackbird by Paul McCartney. How unbelievably heart melting is THAT!

I am so excited to see the Cormier family grow and to see how much Miss Austen loves that baby sister or brother. Congrats Cormier family! 

St. Charles Photographer/St Charles Family Photographer/Eagan Family

Jessie and I were best friends in middle school in Hazelwood and have both ventured out to St. Charles. I would say we learned a lot those years, at least I know I did. Middle school seemed to be the weird age of boys, clothes, hair, and really finding yourself.

Jessie now has two adorable redhead boys named Seamus and Ewan.  Ewan got nicknamed by big brother as if you ask him what his name is...he will tell you Boomer! I love it. Seamus is a budding soccer stud who has made Mom & Dad so proud. Actually, he busted out his soccer ball while Jessie and I chatted after the session. It is really great when kids find passion in something at an early age. Meanwhile Boomer kicked his blow up Ninja Turtle for the cuteness win! 

This job has blessed me so much, especially in this moment to see Jessie and how good life has been to her. Another amazing session at Quail Ridge park in St. Charles. Thank you so much for asking me to capture these for you.

St. Charles Photographer/St. Charles delivery photographer/Welcome to the world baby Waylon

Capturing a birth is one of the most amazing things someone can ask me to be apart. Hanging out with a couple while they wait one of the most sentimental moments of their life is a huge honor.

I knew I was going to love these two when I walked in and they were rocking out to music while they attempted to get more sleep. Erica let me know about 6:30pm that she had already been in labor for about 13 hrs & they were still not quite ready to go to the hospital. Then around 9:30 she let me know they were headed to the hospital since the contractions were 5 minutes apart. Unfortunately the hospital sent her home because she was still only 2cm dilated. So the story goes...she went home, took a shower, some out of the shower...and water broke! Back to the hospital they went at about midnight! 

I got the call to finally join them at 4am, when she hit 8cm and the nurses felt like he was going to be coming pretty quickly at that point. However handsome Mr. Waylon was NOT ready....he spent another 4.5 hours inching his way out. With the final push that brought him into the world, he barely cried, he just snuggled right up to Mom. I am so excited to get to see them all again soon to shoot his newborn pictures so make sure you keep an eye out for that!

St. Charles Photographer/St Charles Wedding Photographer/ Danielle Devin Maternity Film

Since I am new to the film world, I haven't started including them in the original shoots blog. I wait, so that I can really share the film part. These few shots have my heart....The color , the lighting, the grain...all of it. I love them. I am excited to print so of these to have on hand to show clients. St. Charles really does not have a lot of film photographers so I am really excited to start adding this to the Jheart Photography creatives. 

Again as I photographer I am blessed to have Devin & Danielle has clients, and I really can not wait to meet their little boy! Curve River State Park in St. Charles/Troy was a perfect spot for sunset. I'm so glad the rain ruined our first location! Sometimes Mother Nature knows what she is doing for us photographers.