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Gillette Wedding - The White Owl Wright City MO - Jheart Photography

It was such a joy to be invited back to The White Owl for Jessie and Morgan’s beautiful wedding day.

Out of all of the weddings I have been apart of, Morgan is the first bride to honor me with dressing the bridesmaids in the most adorable blush pant suits. They were perfect. I hope these become a giant wedding trend!

It’s not just the girls that rock their attire for the day. Don’t forget to look at the detail Jessie made sure was in his suit…He looked so sharp.

Dress: Boulevard Bride

Venue: The White Owl

Bridesmaids: Boulevard Bride

Groomsmen: Savvi Formal Wear

Flowers: Bride

Photography: Jheart Photography

Cake: Sarah Durham (Family Member)

Vlad & Morgan at St. Basil's the Great Orthodox Church/ St. Charles Wedding Photographer/St. Louis Wedding Photographer

Vlad & Morgan hired me for an experience of a life time. This was the first time I have ever been apart of a traditional Russian Orthodox wedding ceremony.

Morgan wanted to share a “First Look” moment with Vlad. I love these moments because you can take a second to really appreciate each other and getting ready to join your lives together.

First, St. Basil’s Orthodox Church is stunning on the outside and inside. The details in the temple are the first work of Slavic architecture in St. Louis for over 100 years! The traditional ceremony began with Morgan starting a processional outside of the church, to be entered in the front and presented to Vlad.

The next step in their ceremony was the exchanging of rings. The rings are placed on the right hand which is different from American’s and the left. They wear each others as they are blessed before wearing them on their own respective right hand.

After the ring exchange we entered the temple where the remainder of the service took place. They each received a candle they held during the ceremony, their attendants held a crown over their heads, and the priest finished with a lovely testament to marriage and how to make love last.

Being able to take part in Vlad & Morgan day was one of the greatest days of my wedding career. I really enjoyed learning the different culture and the different wedding traditions!

After getting married here in Missouri, Morgan & Vlad when back to their home state of Tennessee to celebrate with family & friends.

Amazing Vendors:

Photography: Jheart Photography

Dress: Glitz in Nashville TN

Venue: St. Basil’s Des Peres The Great Orthodox Church

Bridesmaids: Kleinfelds

New Town Weddings & Events/Jheart Photography Wedding Vendor Spotlight/St. Charles Wedding

Tucked back on the north side of St. Charles, you will find New Town, a quaint new generation borough. You will find a Marsala’s, a quick grocery spot, a coffee house, wine bar, sand volleyball, man made lakes, dinning spots and a perfect spot to host your unforgettable wedding day!

With 12 years experience in helping Brides & Grooms execute the biggest day of their lives, New Town Weddings & Events will make you feel confident your day is going to go smooth. Shae, New Towns lead wedding coordinator, has been in the business for 4 years now & her joy comes from spending time with her couples to make their wedding day dreams become a reality. New Town Wedding & Events is a breath taking spot to say your “I do’s” and then party into the night! Shae’s best piece of advice, “When you have a vision tell us, we will do anything to make your vision turn in to the best day of your life.”

New Town offers two locations for your ceremony. First, the bright & airy chapel that seats up to 250 guests. Second is outside with the vast scenery behind you while you stand in front of New Town’s Grand Canal.

New Town Wedding Chapel, located in the heart of New Town

New Town Wedding Chapel, located in the heart of New Town

New Town’s Grand Basin, view from where the ceremony would take place

New Town’s Grand Basin, view from where the ceremony would take place

I absolutely love the scenic view from the Grand Canal. There is plenty of space for up to 250 guests in both ceremony options.

The best part of the Wedding Chapel is the large vast 2 story windows letting in gorgeous sunlight for the perfect light & airy feel. The wood work on the doors behind the altar steps, create a unique backdrop. There is also plenty of spots to place any floral arrangements to enhance the beauty of the chapel.

Designed with your favorite colors and decor, this space can be a magical spot to say “I do!”. After you fall in love with the chapel, you look up to find it has a balcony! From that angle you can capture the entire aisle and everyone there.

This is the perfect spot to score some seriously romantic pictures. I mean…look at these gorgeous pictures….

The balcony also serves as a fun kiss shot!

One of my favorite things about venues is when they can host the ceremony AND the reception! Who doesn’t love a one spot wedding that also has perfect picture locations?! After you get married in the chapel or in front of the Grand Canal, you can move to their Event Tent for your reception of up to 350 guests.

New Town Event Tent located near the Grand Canal

New Town Event Tent located near the Grand Canal

You have to freedom to decorate as you wish and included there are beautiful chandeliers and rope lights to add to the charm of your reception. They work exclusive with the delicious FrenchTown Catering who will handle all of your food needs. After serving two weddings here, I can personally tell you the food choices will not disappoint!

Honestly, I can not say enough good things about New Town Weddings and Events. They execute flawless weddings and providing couples with a dream wedding day. If you are still shopping for your 2019 wedding or getting ready for your 2020 wedding, New Town is a beautiful wedding location. You can just host your ceremony, just your reception, or plan both there! Prices vary from starting at $300 for just ceremony and $2,000-$3,000 for your reception.

Now to see all the beautiful places to capture your wedding when you plan your New Town wedding.


Best of St. Charles- 4 years running

The Knot Best of Weddings- 3 years running

Where you can find them on Facebook:

@New Town Weddings and Events

@New Town at St. Charles




St. Louis Wedding Photographer/St. Charles Wedding Photographer/Sparks Wedding: The Corner Gates

Jen messaged me through a mutual friend in regards to shooting their wedding day. Their wedding day was the first time I met them or worked with them. Upon finally getting to meet them I was instantly put at ease. Their smiles were HUGE the entire day, they went with the ultimate flow of a crazy wedding day with grace and Jen even stated at one point, "Today is already amazing, because I am marrying this guy". Does it get any better than that? 

The Corner Gates is a perfect hidden event room off Cherokee in St. Louis Mo. The intimate feel as soon as you walk in really sets the pace for a romantic wedding. I have to confess when I go to wedding I always seem to remember the meal, and the food was outstanding! 

I know that Jen & Mike are going to celebrate a great life together and I really can't wait to see what this life brings them.

Dress: The Ultimate Bride

St. Charles Wedding Photographer - The Flourish Workshop in St. James MO with Ashley & Noah Wills

The past two years I have made it a goal in my business to attend some sort of class, workshop, or continuing education, as well as meet in groups of other photographers just to have fun and practice. I know how important it is to try new things and inspire yourself to create new memorable pieces of art for your clients. 

This year at the beginning of March I attend The Flourish workshop in beautiful St. James MO with Ashley Wills LLC.   As with most things I was a little nervous going in. What's more intimidating that a room full of not only your peers but also your potential competition?? Instead though, from the moment I stepped foot into the Will's beautiful home I felt welcome. I felt that we were all there to not only learn from Ashley & Noah, but from each other. I felt we were there to encourage and lift each other up. 

Each one of these amazing woman are all on a different journey, but with the same purpose. To share your artwork and passion with the rest of us. It was just an amazing weekend, sharing meals, knowledge, and what we love about this industry. 

On the first day of the workshop Ashley and guest speaker Tiffany Katka put together the most beautiful wedding styled shoot at Wildwood Springs Lodge. This location was a perfect overlook of the rolling hills in Missouri. Ashley had so many great tips on posing, positioning for great lighting, and remember the tiny details like florals to make the image complete. Not only is Ashley a wedding photographer but she does a small amount of florals too if it is something her bride needs. Ashley did a beautiful job complimenting the colors of the venue to the florals to really make for great pictures to learn off of. 


Let's take a second peek at the gorgeous bridal gown from Mimi's Bridal in St. James Mo. The way the light hit the skirt made it glow with that gorgeous blush undertone. It was so fun to watch her dance in! I really hope one of my bride's this season has a gorgeous flowy dress like this one!

I couldn't believe how many images I walked away with! Everything about this shoot was just so gorgeous. It is essential in our line of business to slow down and learn what stems your creativity and spark it again. Here is some of my favorites from the whole shoot. 

Saturday & Sunday we were blessed with some of the best cafe style food from The Market Place Cafe in St. James MO. For Saturday's lunch we were served fresh cut turkey sandwiches and the best baked potato soup I have ever had. They delivered it right too us fresh and set it up so we could easily make our sandwiches! If you are ever there or just passing through, you should stop in for lunch or dinner!

I really enjoyed my weekend at The Flourish workshop. I came back home inspired to turn my business into what I saw it as, what I knew it could be. If you are a photographer looking to start or build stronger skills, look into the Ashley Wills Workshops. You will instantly know it was the right choice as soon as Ashley's huge smile & Noah in his bowtie, open the door and welcome you into their home.

Ashley loves to give gifts like me! We were given so many cute things to remember the things we were taught. Below are all of the amazing take aways we received from some pretty amazing businesses. 

You can find the adorable mugs at Mugsby. We had lots of fun taking pictures of these which you can check on on Ashley Wills Facebook page. The adorable candle is from ModParty and they have unique and adorable wedding favors for your wedding party! Teals Prairie Engravers made the notebook etched with Flourish workshop on it. They have great options for personalized gifts. Last but not least, the perfect checklist notebook was from Paper Rocket Studios. I am so grateful I was able to also make connections with other great businesses that could be an asset to one of my brides while she is planning her wedding! 

So many wonderful things came from my weekend at The Flourish workshop. I am looking into another one they offer in July! Come with me!

If you would like any information on any of the vendors, click their names and it will link you directly to their websites or Etsy Shops!