buena vista

Colorado Honeymoon

Colorado is one of those places that every time I go I question why I don't live there. Every turn you take while driving through the mountains is a gorgeous new scene. At one point I thought my camera was going to explode from over use. The altitude at first was hard to adjust too, in fact, local stores sell tanks of Oxygen just to help you get over the altitude sickness and MAN does it help! We drove through so many tiny mountain towns like Frisco, Breckenridge, Buena Vista, Vail, Silverthorne, and Leadville. We even spent a day at the Garden of the Gods which if you can believe, I didn't bring my camera! We were getting professional pictures done there so I didn't think I would need it but I sure do wish I would have brought it.

The first few pictures are from a stop we made in Kansas to stretch our legs. Mike my husband was in the Airforce and so it was great to have him walk down memory lane telling me all about this plane and things he used to do as a weapons loader. Learning that kind of stuff about your significant other is always very humbling. This man risked his life for me....before he even knew me.

In Buena Vista we went Zip Lining which I also did not bring my camera because...well...that seemed like bad choices to take really expensive equipment zooming through the mountains! But it was such a beautiful experience!

Getting to see a Mama fox and her sweet babies is a moment I will NEVER forget....how could you forget those sweet tiny fluffy faces?? I loved that she looked just as ragged as I do mothering a slew of kiddos HAHAHAHA!!

So here are a few photos from our Honeymoon. If you have never been to Colorado, I recommend it and any season there is beautiful, just make sure you stay in the mountains.


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