Maverick + Oakley + Watermelon/St. Charles Family Photographer

I have to admit that Maverick walking + some yummy watermelon + their adorable doggie Oakley, made my top 10 favorite shoots. Maverick's wobble walk while trying to stuff his cute cheeks with watermelon was, well....I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Another Quail Ridge shoot for the win!


St Charles Photographer/Coastal Discovery Museum Hilton Head Island

On Friday of our vacation in Hilton Head Island we visited the Coastal Discovery Museum. As luck would have it on those days a gentleman by the name of Joe Maffa of Critter Management comes and has a had full of animals that you can hold and see up close! I personally enjoyed the gators very much, but no way was I going to hold the tiny boa constrictor or the chicken on my shoulders. My kids are much braver than I am for sure!

It was a great addition to our trip outside of the extremely hot temp that caused us to leave right after we got to hang out with the animals!

America The Beautiful

The past few years I have not went to see fireworks because I am not a huge fan of the noise and my youngest son really doesn't like them, but this year I went to our local town Wright City's Firework display. It reminded me of how much I love the fact that to celebrate our Freedom and the people who fought for it, we blow things up! Seems like such irony in that and I love it. I love the colors, the applause, the sparkle, and the looks on little kids faces as they explode. For some reason it really makes my heart burst with pride to be apart of this country. So in true photographer fashion...i snapped a few pictures of the fireworks before the smoke took over. Of course I had to do smoke bomb and sparkler pictures because as a photographer I would feel incomplete had I not.

Happy Fourth of July!!!