fall photos

St. Charles Family Photographer/St. Louis Family Photographer/Jogerst Family Quail Ridge Park

The Jogerst family is getting ready to go from a family of 3 to a family of 4 weighing heavy on the boy side. That's right, Another baby brother is due in February! We were worried we were going to get rained out, but for the 30minutes we met up for, it was the most gorgeous sky the whole time. We even started to sweat a bit! So thankful Mother Nature held out! 

Isn't Nick's smile the best?


St. Charles Family Photographer/St. Louis Family Photographer/Sophie Lafayette Park

When Sophie walked up with her perfectly colored lace dress and matching flower crown, I knew that we were going to have a beautifully colored photo shoot. The falls leaves with her maroon dress were so good. Sophie really liked the camera too. She had fun while twirling and tickling mom & dad to showing me a very special pet she brought with her for pictures. 

Thank you Mom for finding me and asking me to capture these for you!

St. Charles Family Photographer/St. Louis Family Photographer/Burgess Family Lafayette Park

Paula is a high school friend of mine that thanks to the amazing Facebook we have been able to reconnect. I 100% love seeing old high school friends. It is such a blessing to get to see where life has taken them. Paula is married to an officer and they have two beautiful children. Little miss took some warming up, but after that it was such a wonderful shoot. The fall colors at Lafayette Park are just breath taking this time of year and really was the perfect location for these fall mini's. 



St. Charles Family Photographer/St. Charles Photographer/Autumn & Summer

Autumn & Summer were a wonderful twin sister duo session at Quail Ridge park in St. Charles. Immediately I knew we were going to have so much fun because they way they interact with each other can make anyone giggle and have a good time! I loved the way they made each other laugh!

St. Charles Family Photographer/ St. Louis Photographer/St. Charles Photographer/Bluestein Family in Forsest Park

I met Amanda in high school through my sister. Then my Sophomore year I had French class with her. Ever since then Amanda has been referred to in our family as our adopted redheaded big sister. Amanda started doing hair in high school, and somehow convinced my sister to let her razor cut it. It looked really cute!

Now Amanda is running her own salon, The Maplewood Beauty Bar, off Manchester in St. Louis and it is a family affair! Mark takes care of the back office stuff and Morgan can be found there some weeknights supporting his Mama. 

Amanda is not only an amazing hairstylist and business woman, she is an amazing friend, mom, and all around person. Morgan is an amazing kid that loves to make people laugh. I do believe he picked this up from Mark who I can't be around without laughing. 

I was over joyed to be able to capture this moment for this beautiful family of three. I can not wait to see what the year ahead bring to you. 

St. Charles Photographer/St. Charles Family Photographer/Cindy & Family on Fort Morgan Beach

While I was in Gulf Shores shooting the wedding, I had the pleasure of shooting their whole family on the Bride's side on Fort Morgan beach. I loved the theme the girls thought of...Super Heroes!! Each family represented a different one. Such a cute idea!

I truly love working with this family. Every time I am around them they remind me what family is all about. I am so glad we did these! Cindy & Steve are up to 13 grand babies! How fantastic is that! My heart will always be welcoming to big families. It is just such a joy to be surrounded by that much love!

St. Charles Family Photographer/St. Charles Photographer/Andrea Family

Andrea, DJ, Olivia, & Maddy are an incredibly sweet family. We met up in St. Charles at my favorite spot Quail Ridge Park for so fun fall pictures. Surprisingly though...Mother Nature gave us a day that felt more like end of June summer heat, but these guys still had fun and rocked their shoot. 

St. Charles Photographer/St. Charles Family Photographer/Murphy Family

The Murphy's and I have been together for quite a few rounds of pictures and each time I am always amazed at how smart their girls are. Not only smart, but polite and extremely well behaved. It is nice to see Miss Morgan, the youngest, finally warming up to me to give me some really beautiful smiles.

Normally I am shooting around St. Louis and St. Charles, but this time I got to shoot in old town Wentzville and I really love the different back drops it has to offer. It was really nice to get out of a park and try so new fun creative things. 

Another wonderful family session Murphy's. Thank you for asking me to capture these for you!

St. Charles Photographer/St. Charles Family Photographer/Kayla Family

Kayla has been in front of my lens a few times and her family never disappoints. This time I got to meet her side of the family and they are just as much fun as Kayla. I loved that they really wanted fun shots and weren't afraid to be goofy! Grandma is the greatest. When I get older I aspire to be this kind of Grandma. She had me laughing the whole time. Now I see where Kayla gets it!

St. Charles riverfront is always a beautiful spot to take pictures. It was a great setting for the start of fall! The leaves really are starting to change and it makes me ready to break out boots, pumpkins, and flannel! 

These pictures should really make you smile!

St. Charles Photographer/St Charles Family Photographer/Eagan Family

Jessie and I were best friends in middle school in Hazelwood and have both ventured out to St. Charles. I would say we learned a lot those years, at least I know I did. Middle school seemed to be the weird age of boys, clothes, hair, and really finding yourself.

Jessie now has two adorable redhead boys named Seamus and Ewan.  Ewan got nicknamed by big brother as Boomer...so if you ask him what his name is...he will tell you Boomer! I love it. Seamus is a budding soccer stud who has made Mom & Dad so proud. Actually, he busted out his soccer ball while Jessie and I chatted after the session. It is really great when kids find passion in something at an early age. Meanwhile Boomer kicked his blow up Ninja Turtle for the cuteness win! 

This job has blessed me so much, especially in this moment to see Jessie and how good life has been to her. Another amazing session at Quail Ridge park in St. Charles. Thank you so much for asking me to capture these for you.