St. Charles Photographer/St.Charles Family Photographer/Ellie turns 2

Miss Ellie is one of the cutest tiny humans on the planet. She was a little shy at first with me and then before I knew it she was jumping on the bed and dancing for me. It is incredible to think little miss is 2 now and going to be a big sister! Ellie is going to be amazing at reading books and teaching her little sister to jump and dance! Thank you Remiger family for welcoming me into your home to capture Ellie turning two. I loved the in home session while she played in her room. I can't wait to meet the new addition to your family.

St. Charles Photographer/Family Photographer/Vacation & Packing....

In a few days my husband and I....twomonths into marriage, will embark on our first family of 9 vacation road trip. We will be leaving St. Charles to head out to Hilton Head Island....To Say we are excited is a gross understatement. The kids are over the moon ready to be at the beach! Even Rue is excited to go! Gabby didn't have much by way of a vacation face I asked her of 14 yr olds.

The reason for this THE PACKING...omg...9 people for 9 days....I really hope that everyone else's packing skills look like this because my living room has been TAKEN OVER!!! It just seems to keep growing too! The laundry prep alone is enough to make me say FORGET IT! It is even worse when you realize some of your kids don't even have enough underwear to be gone that long. WHERE DID ALL THE UNDERWEAR GO? My guess is with the mismatched socks.

We will spend roughly 13 hours in a rented 15 passenger van together....twice...thinking I am crazy yet??? HAHAHA

I can't wait to get this adventure started, I am sure there will be plenty more pictures of this crazy trip to come. But for now I just needed to document the ridiculousness that is packing for is when I wish I had a magic wand!

America The Beautiful

The past few years I have not went to see fireworks because I am not a huge fan of the noise and my youngest son really doesn't like them, but this year I went to our local town Wright City's Firework display. It reminded me of how much I love the fact that to celebrate our Freedom and the people who fought for it, we blow things up! Seems like such irony in that and I love it. I love the colors, the applause, the sparkle, and the looks on little kids faces as they explode. For some reason it really makes my heart burst with pride to be apart of this country. So in true photographer fashion...i snapped a few pictures of the fireworks before the smoke took over. Of course I had to do smoke bomb and sparkler pictures because as a photographer I would feel incomplete had I not.

Happy Fourth of July!!!

St Charles Photographer/Family Photographer Jheart Photography/Nora Turns 1

Miss Nora....Wow, what a sweet little girl. I have had the pleasure of taking pictures for the Tierney family for about 3 years now and every session seems to get better than the first. They love the St. Charles riverfront so we frequent there a lot for pictures. All four of their daughters have been behind my lens and they always impress me with their smiles and uniqueness. Miss Nora is definitely an great addition to the clan, she is sweet, loves her Mama, adores her sisters, and LOVES DONUTS! Can't get much better than that right!


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St. Charles Family Photographer/ Family Photographer Jheart Photography/Salman Family

I first meet Yasmin when I did preschool pictures for her son at Good Shepard Preschool in Hazelwood and she immediately wanted to know if I did family portraits! I obviously said, "Of course!". I was so excited to get to work with this family and their 4 kiddos! We headed out to Busch Wildlife in St. Charles to capture these beautiful images.

Zach is the oldest who at 14, & I wasn't surprised that he did not utter one word during the session, yet mastered all of my requests. He also sweetly obliged while the little ones climbed all over him for the group shot! HAHA. Anna is a BEAUTIFUL girl and "Daddy's Little Angel", with the most amazing eyes. For me she was pretty quiet but I have a feeling her and her brother Junior can get into some trouble together. Now, Junior is #3 and he is HILARIOUS! The whole time he was totally cheesing for my camera, which we all know I live for that with kiddos! Lucas was the star of the shoot because we were doubling up and also getting his 1 year birthday pictures done and he is just seriously cute. He loved the grass so much it was hard to grab his attention, but when I did...OH THAT SMILE!!!!!

I hope you love this shoot as much as I did because it really was a lot of fun!


Jheart Photography St. Charles Family Photographer/St. Charles Wedding Photographer/St. Charles Engagement Photographer

St. Charles Family Photographer/Family Photographer Jheart Photography/Heywood Family

Considering I have a big family myself, I really really enjoy shooting big families. The Heywood's have been clients for a few years, but this time I got to meet their newest addition and he did NOT disappoint! Kellen is absolutely adorable and Mom said, "If you are going to have a surprise addition...they should all be this good!" Historic O'Fallon in the outskirts of St. Charles was a great spot with the old house to capture this adorable family.

They Heywood clan is full of love and laughter and it was an absolute joy to capture them.


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