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St. Charles Wedding Photographer/St. Charles Engagment Photographer/Amanda & Jake Engaged

I felt the need to add Amanda & Jake to the blog because they are apart of the Jheart 2018 weddings! I started blogging after their session, so it didn't go up immediately after the session.

I loved sitting down with Amanda to take about the wedding and the engagement shoot because her bubbly personality just boiled over. It's practically impossible not to smile with you chat with her. Amanda & Jake have been around St. Charles for quite some time and they plan to start their lives together their as well. We did the engagement shoot in a tiny town inside of St. Charles called New Town which seemed incredibly fitting. There are so many fun and unique spots to snap great pictures. I had a blast with these two, they connect so well with each other it made my job so much more fun. You can tell they have been together for awhile and really love and adore each other. The jokes and laughter were a fabulous added bonus!

I knew Amanda was going to be an amazing bride when the first thing she asked me was if I was bossy, because she knows she is going to need someone bossy! Sounds like I may have my work cut out for me but I am always up for a challenge. I am delighted to be able to capture their beautiful day.

St. Charles Photographer/Family Photographer/Wedding Photographer. - But I don't like pictures....

As a photographer, I have heard so many times...

"But I really don't like my picture taken.." or "We don't know what to do in pictures..."

Let's talk about this...

It's OK! Totally and completely ok! 85% of the couples I get behind the lens have NOT, I repeat, Have NOT had professional pictures taken, separate or together. After engagement it's just something that for the next few years is probably going to happen a lot. You will do engagement, then wedding, then maternity, newborn, family...and it will go on and on so that when your kids get older or you get older you have documented memories. Those documented memories are important!

One way to help this awkward feeling, find a photographer that makes you comfortable. One that can make you laugh, giggle, smooch, snuggle, and relax during your photo shoot together. Being able to relax is one of the biggest factors to getting natural pictures. Meet with your photographer, see if your personalities go well and that you will be able to be yourself around them. Doing this will make all the difference when it comes to seeing your end product and cherishing them forever.

Can you believe the pictures below are all of clients that had never been in front of the camera? Clients who "aren't picture people"? They are....and they worked because I believe making clients feel comfortable and relaxed is a huge part of the photography art form and it is extremely important to me.

St. Charles Engagement Photographer/Engagment Photographer Jheart Photography/Kim & Randy

Kim & Randy started their love story by becoming neighbors! They currently live right next door to each other and I believe the rest is history. They are planning their wedding for June 2018 and are using The White Owl in Wright City. I was so excited when they told me this because that is where I got married in May 2017 and it was the perfect venue. So when they said they wanted to do their engagement pictures here WITH their pups I was double excited!

Kim & Randy are both super sweet & pair so well together. Kim likes to laugh and Randy has a great smile once you crack him. We had fun dancing & chasing the dogs for that epic family picture HAHAHA. Tiger and Bella definitely rule the roost at this house, but with good reason because look how stinkin adorable they are!

I am so excited to spend your special day with you next year!


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