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Brandon & Ashley Hermann - Klondike Park Wedding - St. Charles Wedding Photographer - Warren County Wedding Photographer

Brandon & Ashley were blessed with a gorgeous day for their lake front wedding at Klondike Park in Augusta Missouri. There were so many wonderful details of the day I loved but my top two were:

  1. Rosie their dog who walked Brandon down the aisle and the colors Ashley picked.

  2. Walter Knoll did an outstanding job on her bouquet with the succulent accents and the gorgeous purple roses. 

How can I not love a wedding that has a doggie AND donuts…..


Ceremony & Reception: Klondike Park

Dress: Mia Grace Bridal

Flowers: Walter Knoll

Bridesmaids: David’s Bridal

Groom/Groomsmen: Savvi Formal Wear

Invitations: Zazzle.com

Donuts: Heaven Scent Bakery

Cake: Cupcake Amore

Catering: Rizzo’s Bar & Grill

Jared & Cassidy Kilpack Wedding at Oak Ridge Estates Bowling Green Missouri

Spring in the midwest is so unpredictable. Jared called me the Thursday before the wedding because their original venue flooded. I couldn’t believe it! Luckly, God had greater plans to bring these two together because the gorgeous Oak Ridge Estates in Bowling Green Missouri was open and ready to host these two’s perfect day. Even with the venue change so many family & friends came to support their love!

When I first saw Cassidy, she looked nothing short of a Disney princess. Just look this stunning gown by Hayley Paige from Maiden Voyage Bridal. I fell in love with the cascading layers and beaded top. From her shoes to her flower crown she made mouths drop.

Not to mention, I will always love a wedding that serves a good slice of pizza for dinner!

Congratulations Kilpacks! Thank you so much for asking me to capture your first day of forever!


Dress: Maiden Voyage Bridal

Designer: Hayley Paige

Floral: DIY silk

Venue: Oak Ridge Estates

Food: Pizza Hut

Photography: Jheart Photography

St. Charles Photographer/Family Photographer/Wedding Photographer. - But I don't like pictures....

As a photographer, I have heard so many times...

"But I really don't like my picture taken.." or "We don't know what to do in pictures..."

Let's talk about this...

It's OK! Totally and completely ok! 85% of the couples I get behind the lens have NOT, I repeat, Have NOT had professional pictures taken, separate or together. After engagement it's just something that for the next few years is probably going to happen a lot. You will do engagement, then wedding, then maternity, newborn, family...and it will go on and on so that when your kids get older or you get older you have documented memories. Those documented memories are important!

One way to help this awkward feeling, find a photographer that makes you comfortable. One that can make you laugh, giggle, smooch, snuggle, and relax during your photo shoot together. Being able to relax is one of the biggest factors to getting natural pictures. Meet with your photographer, see if your personalities go well and that you will be able to be yourself around them. Doing this will make all the difference when it comes to seeing your end product and cherishing them forever.

Can you believe the pictures below are all of clients that had never been in front of the camera? Clients who "aren't picture people"? They are....and they worked because I believe making clients feel comfortable and relaxed is a huge part of the photography art form and it is extremely important to me.

St. Louis Wedding/Wedding Photographer Jheart Photography/ Janelle & Steve Married!!

Janelle is a long time friend whom I met through my ex-husband's military unit. She is one of the few choice woman who helped me get through one of the toughest things I have ever done...deployment. Janelle was one of the few wives that stayed true to herself and her family during that time and it was something that helped keep me grounded. I was MORE than excited when Janelle asked me to capture their small intimate family wedding at their HOME just outside of St. Louis! How different and fun is that!?! Their huge yard is the perfect place for an intimate outdoor wedding. It was probably the most relaxed wedding I have ever been too and it was perfect. Janelle & Steve not only have love for each other, but they are now a family with 7 kids and you can tell through these pictures that they all have so much love for each other.