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St. Louis Senior Photographer/St. Charles Senior Photographer/Christian Senior Session at St. Louis Arch

I hadn't been down to the arch grounds in a few years. I was delighted when Christian decided to shoot his session down there. When his Mom mentioned he was a soccer player and wanted some trick shots, I was so pumped! Senior's these days are just amazing. Christian was so pleasant to work with and really did amazing in front of the camera. Especially for him saying he wasn't very photogenic. I mean, look at this guy! Christian is looking forward to hopefully starting college in Colorado in the fall. 

Thank you Christian for hanging out with me and I hope you love the remainder of your senior year!


St. Charles Senior Photographer/St. Louis Senior Photographer/Tyler Senior Session with the adorable Diego

Every so often I have clients ask if they can bring their fur babies for some pictures. I will ALWAYS say yes to that! Tyler brought his boxer Diego and it was magic. Tyler alone was pretty amazing and definitely born to be in front front of the camera. Plus I might start asking Tyler for wardrobe help because his outfit choices were ON.POINT for this session. This "Mom wardrobe" could totally use a make over!

Tyler is loving his senior year at McCluer North. He will use his A+ program for the first two year of college and then hopefully fulfill his dream of joining his friends at the University. Mom is looking forward to having him around close for a few years. Lafayette Park was the perfect setting for this session as the colors were just perfect for this fall day. 

St. Charles Wedding Photographer/St. Charles Photographer/Klondike Park/Augusta Wedding/Josh & Sheena Wedding Film Scans

So a new adventure for JHeart Photography is shooting film. I am learning SO much about all aspect of photography. I am so glad I got to practice with Sheena & Josh. They had such a gorgeous detailed wedding day that it was a joy to capture on film. Here are a few of my favorites. 

St. Charles Photographer/St. Charles Wedding Photographer/Jennifer & Alex 5 years

A few years after I started my business Jennifer asked me to shoot their wedding. It wasn't just any wedding either, it would have been the first paid wedding in my career. It was this wedding that made me fall in love with weddings. The details, the excitement, the hustle, I really fell in love with all aspects. 

So naturally I was so excited when she asked me to shoot their 5 year anniversary back in beautiful Herman where they got married. We went to the Herman Hill Inn, Cottages, & Vineyards which is an adorable place to stay on top of the hill. It was so great to see these two still so happy in love. They have expanded now and have a little 3 year old boy name Lucas who I am dying to meet. Thank you so much Alex & Jennifer, it was amazing to see you and even more of a blessing to get to capture the love you two have for each other. 

St. Charles Wedding Photographer/St. Charles Photographer/Claire & Michael Cannon Beach

I recently spent a weekend in the mountains of Portland Oregon & one beautiful day at Cannon Beach with Claire & Michael. I know I usually am a St. Charles Wedding photographer, but when and friend of mine, Cieara with Cieara Ruess Photography went on a luxury trip we knew we had to find someone to shoot and we were so blessed with Claire & Michael. 

Claire and Michael met when her Dad invited him to their church's swing dancing club because he knew Claire & Michael would hit it off. Now, two and half year later they are still dancing together in the kitchens of their parents home. I don't know about you, but that is the most romantic thing EVER. They even showed off some of their moves for us!It is always pure joy when I get to shoot couples that have bursting love like these two. 

I do hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed shooting them. 

St. Charles Photographer/Family Photographer/Wedding Photographer. - But I don't like pictures....

As a photographer, I have heard so many times...

"But I really don't like my picture taken.." or "We don't know what to do in pictures..."

Let's talk about this...

It's OK! Totally and completely ok! 85% of the couples I get behind the lens have NOT, I repeat, Have NOT had professional pictures taken, separate or together. After engagement it's just something that for the next few years is probably going to happen a lot. You will do engagement, then wedding, then maternity, newborn, family...and it will go on and on so that when your kids get older or you get older you have documented memories. Those documented memories are important!

One way to help this awkward feeling, find a photographer that makes you comfortable. One that can make you laugh, giggle, smooch, snuggle, and relax during your photo shoot together. Being able to relax is one of the biggest factors to getting natural pictures. Meet with your photographer, see if your personalities go well and that you will be able to be yourself around them. Doing this will make all the difference when it comes to seeing your end product and cherishing them forever.

Can you believe the pictures below are all of clients that had never been in front of the camera? Clients who "aren't picture people"? They are....and they worked because I believe making clients feel comfortable and relaxed is a huge part of the photography art form and it is extremely important to me.

St. Louis Wedding/Wedding Photographer Jheart Photography/ Janelle & Steve Married!!

Janelle is a long time friend whom I met through my ex-husband's military unit. She is one of the few choice woman who helped me get through one of the toughest things I have ever done...deployment. Janelle was one of the few wives that stayed true to herself and her family during that time and it was something that helped keep me grounded. I was MORE than excited when Janelle asked me to capture their small intimate family wedding at their HOME just outside of St. Louis! How different and fun is that!?! Their huge yard is the perfect place for an intimate outdoor wedding. It was probably the most relaxed wedding I have ever been too and it was perfect. Janelle & Steve not only have love for each other, but they are now a family with 7 kids and you can tell through these pictures that they all have so much love for each other.

St. Charles Wedding/Wedding Photographer Jheart Photography/Matt & Jenni Wedding!

This wedding that was on the outskirts of St. Charles in Troy Missouri, was full of love, family, & music. Wedding day details are my favorite part of capturing the day. You always know how much love and work went into planning the wedding day by each tiny detail. Plus you learn so much about the couple in all the details. One of the best parts of this wedding is that not only did they join hearts, but they became a family of 7, with their 5 beautiful children. I really enjoyed spending the day with this crew, they made me laugh and they pulled at my heart strings with the love they have for each other, which is always two things I want from a wedding....

Congrats Jenni & Matt! I wish you many years of joy and happiness together.

Colorado Honeymoon

Colorado is one of those places that every time I go I question why I don't live there. Every turn you take while driving through the mountains is a gorgeous new scene. At one point I thought my camera was going to explode from over use. The altitude at first was hard to adjust too, in fact, local stores sell tanks of Oxygen just to help you get over the altitude sickness and MAN does it help! We drove through so many tiny mountain towns like Frisco, Breckenridge, Buena Vista, Vail, Silverthorne, and Leadville. We even spent a day at the Garden of the Gods which if you can believe, I didn't bring my camera! We were getting professional pictures done there so I didn't think I would need it but I sure do wish I would have brought it.

The first few pictures are from a stop we made in Kansas to stretch our legs. Mike my husband was in the Airforce and so it was great to have him walk down memory lane telling me all about this plane and things he used to do as a weapons loader. Learning that kind of stuff about your significant other is always very humbling. This man risked his life for me....before he even knew me.

In Buena Vista we went Zip Lining which I also did not bring my camera because...well...that seemed like bad choices to take really expensive equipment zooming through the mountains! But it was such a beautiful experience!

Getting to see a Mama fox and her sweet babies is a moment I will NEVER could you forget those sweet tiny fluffy faces?? I loved that she looked just as ragged as I do mothering a slew of kiddos HAHAHAHA!!

So here are a few photos from our Honeymoon. If you have never been to Colorado, I recommend it and any season there is beautiful, just make sure you stay in the mountains.


Jheart Photography St. Charles Wedding Photographer

St. Charles Engagement Photographer/Engagment Photographer Jheart Photography/SHEENA & JOSH

It is always a joy to get friends behind my lens, there is just something about capturing them that brings my heart much joy. Sheena & Josh definitely brought joy to my heart with this engagement session....

They decided to chose Busch Wildlife in St. Charles so we could rent a boat! I was beyond excited when they told me this & nervous to take equipment out in a boat that started to leak water as soon as they sat in it. Their love story started when they met through an online site called Plenty of Fish so their theme was, One Less Fish in the Sea. As you can tell they have truly found a special kind of love in each other. Sheena has such an amazing personality that compliments Josh in the most amazing way. I can not wait to capture their special day in September as they commit to each other for the world to know that they have found their "fish". <3

Jheart Photography St. Charles Wedding Photographer and Engagement Photographer